Let’s Make it Official!

In a post I did awhile back, I reflected on the different types of friendships that I have, especially the long distance friendship I had with a friend of mine that I made under some pretty shady circumstances. (Seriously, we did meet in the basement of the Chicago Hilton Hotel during a Model UN conference. How weird does that sound?) For two years, two lingering thoughts have occupied the back of my mind: Will I ever see him again? Will we ever be more than just friends?

After admitting how we feel about each other, I was relieved to know that I wasn’t crazy. We could be crazy together! We recognized that it would be tough having a long distance relationship across the United States, but it would we well worth it if we ever tried that. Initially, I was concerned about how my previous relationships have panned out and compared it to the situation that I was now in. It didn’t take me long to realize that it would actually be different this time around. (In my previous relationships  as soon as it was official, I immediately went into “angst mode” about my decision. This time, it feels so natural.) One wasn’t using the other for their own gain; treating the other like a means rather than an end. Not a lot would change anyway; it was only a title, which can drive some girls or guys crazy. But with that title could bring a lot of stress and strain, like in my other relationships, but to that point, the distance would give us room to breathe. The friendship was already strong in its own right, so the next logical step was to take it to the next level.

It wouldn’t really hinder any of the things that are going on in my life, and she same went for him. For some reason, I knew that all of this would happen eventually, but the question was, when? The circumstances surrounding this unfamiliar path of my life are very up in the air, which match his situation perfectly. We help one another out, give inspiration when we need it the most, and ultimately, we are there for one another even though we’re so far away from one another. In a way, we both know that it’s going to work out, and even though we’ve both had our fair share of problems with our past relationships, none of it really matters now. After all, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog without him. Thanks Julian Lacey, for all you have done for me. It’s going to be a crazy, fun, exciting journey.

And remember, nothing is impossible.

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